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Posted 7/16/2010 11:56am by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

Running a dairy is hard work.  The animals need to be milked twice per day no matter what – extreme cold or heat, torrential downpours, hail, snow, you name it.  The upside is that you gain bragging rights around here for braving the elements.  The record low temperature last December during a 5am milking session was -14 degrees!  Thankfully, we don’t milk in January, February, or March. 

When Asgaard first began, there were only eight dairy goats.  We milked them two by two.  As the herd began to grow, our twice daily milking sessions were taking longer and longer.  On average, a dairy goat takes only 4 minutes to milk, but sanitizing all of the milk cans and tubing takes some time, followed by washing all the equipment at the end.  When all is said and done, about half the time spent milking is really spent cleaning – a similar story for cheese making.  Today we are milking 24 goats, so we’re spending on average 5 hours per day milking goats.  That is, until yesterday.

We’ve been working on installing a new pipeline milking parlor for a few months now.  This will enable us to milk 6 goats at a time (more in the future).  The milk is piped directly into the bulk tank, so the need for handling the milk is eliminated. Rhonda and Tali will be the only ones handling the milk (but they are always sparkling clean in the creamery).  The system automatically sanitizes and washes all the tubes, so time spent cleaning is drastically reduced.  And though we don’t appreciate it now, in the late fall, we will appreciate being able to turn on the heat.

Posted 5/20/2010 4:40pm by David Brunner & Rhonda Butler.

We are proud to launch our new website - a window into life on Asgaard Farm. We hope you'll enjoy our photographs and periodic updates on happenings here at the farm.  We'll ensure that information about product availability, farmers markets, and events is kept accurate and up-to-date.  Welcome!

The warm sun is shining, the goats are happily grazing lush green grasses, and the air is thick with the lively sounds of summer.  In the spring, we awoke from our winter's rest and launched ourselves full speed ahead into the mayhem that is spring on the farm.  The birth of so many new beginnings, from calves and kids to seedlings.  Before we knew it, spring turned to summer.

We've had fifty-six goat kids born since March 17th.  We still have a few newborns in the barn, and we are expecting the last two does to deliver their kids any day now.  Now that the animals can take care of themselves on their pastures, the hotbed of activity is in the creamery.  With three markets to attend each week, Rhonda is hard at work crafting her signature goat cheeses.  Come find us at the farmers markets - we're in Saranac Lake, Keene Valley, and Lake Placid.

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